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With this package, you are practically pampered. You have all you need in it. You cannot deny the fact that you need our essential facial tools. The Face Me gift set consists of Daily Bio Cotton Makeup Removers, the Daily Konjac Sponge Charcoal, which is highly absorbent and has a great function to break down skins dirt and balance pH, the Soap Sponge Mother of Pearl, which is a mild texture multifunctional soap, Daily Jade Facial Roller the most soothing and relaxing treatment, the Beauty Head Band to control hair with this convenient, soft, flexible headband and the Daily Lip Scrubber that circulates and gently exfoliates your skin for soft and plump lips. All essential tools you cannot miss in your daily body care routine to give your face the best it can really get. This is really the best of the best.


Daily bath time is not just a matter of fun and full of bubbles, shower time should also reach its goals. It is a matter of getting the right tools that will literally get down in the dirt and make sure you are clean to the optimum! That's what Daily Concepts is for. They create different tools like body and face cleansing sponges, gloves, scrubbers, and clothes that really do the job, but not only that, is environmentally-friendly as well. Besides they are cruelty-free. The pick of the bunch is that each one has a tag indicator that fades when the time comes to replace it.


With this Face, my package full of precious content Daily Concepts is aiming to deliver daily concepts and everyday products that can make the human experience the best you can have.


All items are sold together in a packaged set- If you are not satisfied with any of the product returns are to be done in full. No single item from the set can be returned on its own.


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