Clean is a State of Mind!


You have to think about it to be it! Beauty Queen Opal gift set gives you the best of the best! It means that you will grab a hold of this package as soon as you are reading this. You won't let this slip through your fingers and you will take great advantage of it.


This Beauty Queen Opal gift set is a bundle of five excellent beauty and skincare tools that will leave you feeling like a queen. It consists of a Turmeric Konjac Sponge, a Daily Facial Micro Scrubber, a Multifunctional Mother Of Pearl Soap Sponge, a Bio-Cotton Makeup, and a Daily Opal Facial Roller.


The Turmeric Konjac Sponge breaks down skin dirt very effectively, balances the pH, and smooths the skin. It absorbs water and oil in an immense good way and is perfect for thorough cleansing.


Furthermore, the package contains also Daily Facial Micro Scrubber for a daily soft and exfoliant wash. It is the right size and very convenient. The scrubber has a good reminder option for you, an indicator attached to a label that fades when it’s time to replace Your Facial Micro Scrubber. It has been designed with pockets to slip your fingers in so you can hold it with a good grip.


The Multifunctional Mother of Pearl Soap Sponge is included. It helps with a mild exfoliating texture, elevates skin texture, and radiates skin.
A Bio-Cotton Makeup Removers that can remove makeup by only adding some water. In itself, it contains 2 eye and 3 facial makeup removers. It has even 2 sizes in it.
And last but not least the Daily Opal Facial Roller to distress the face.

These beauty products are included in the package to spread everlasting happiness as queens should.


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