Facial Essentials


We offer you a brighter future and a youthful radiant and smoother face like a Queen during these holidays!


Our Facial Essential gift set consists of a series of tools you cannot miss for your daily facial routines that leave your most seen feature your best feature. They are tools with which you can serve your face well.


As a beauty queen, it is eminent to start your bathing ritual with a Daily Facial Micro Scrubber for a daily soft and exfoliant wash. It is the right size and is very convenient. The scrubber has a good reminder option for you, an indicator attached to a label that fades when it’s time to reach out for a new Facial Micro Scrubber. It has been designed with pockets to slip your fingers in so you can hold it with a good grip.


Then precious Multifunctional Mother of Pearl Soap Sponge. It helps with a mild exfoliating texture, elevates skin texture, and radiates skin.
Furthermore, there is a Bio-Cotton Makeup Remover included for you to do a thorough removal of your makeup when coming home just by adding water. In itself, it contains 2 eye and 3 facial makeup removers. It has even 2 sizes in it.


The Daily Konjac Sponge Pure, The Daily Konjac Sponge is pure, soft, and gentle, and it's potential to absorb is immense. It contains alkaline which makes it mild, which also helps to absorb all impurities you don't want in there to guarantee deep cleansing.


The Daily Lip Scrubber is made of silicone material. This lip brush allows gentle exfoliation of your lips and promotes circulation for you to get plump, smooth, and soft lips. The handle and the finger hole are designed for convenience while using and make it easy to apply. The Daily Lip Scrubber works perfectly to stimulate an increase in the circulation of blood in the lips and helps moisturize dry skin.


This is your best feature and a complete package to feel like a queen.


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