The human body is extremely adaptable, and it is good at maintaining its balance so that the health of the body can remain at an optimal level. It is known that the skin cleanses and exfoliates itself every 28 days. Only you can give it a hand. It's important in your bathing routine to remove the dead skin cells that are constantly emerging so that your skin remains smooth and shiny.

While nourishing your skin with the right pronounced, recognizable and natural ingredients in your diet, there are various bath and skincare products that can also contribute to the optimal care of your skin. Here is a list of the easiest shower items we offer in this package, especially those that can reduce your chemical burden and make a big difference in the look and feel of your skin.

Body Basics gift set is full of body care products that are indispensable for getting the best looking body. We look forward to seeing you on this one, so you can walk for a long time with radiant and polished skin because your best body is your best skin. The gift set contains our popular Daily Body Scrubber to exfoliate your skin in a perfect way and it is soy-based. It has an inside that foams a lot when you use it together with your cleanser. Furthermore, this set contains a Daily Stretch Wash Cloth that covers the hard to reach areas of the body. The Daily Stretch Wash Cloth is designed for you that really want to polish, exfoliate, and are not that flexible any longer to reach your back properly, or your lower legs and feet. And a Daily Exfoliating glove that allows for thorough cleaning and promotes blood circulation. It will affect the proper dissemination of your blood and give some smoothness to your skin. There is no doubt, you will have healthy skin and damaged skin will be repaired.


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