Princess Jade


Calling all our princesses for this Princess Jade gift set. We have found a bundle of luck for you!


We believe in the fact that there are all kinds of ways to spoil your skin. That's why we decided to select the wellness aspect for your skin with the Daily Jade Facial Roller. The Daily Jade Facial Roller helps rinse out your lymphatic system, enhances blood flow, and decreases puffiness in the face. Jade is known for relaxing the mind, dispersing the thoughts of negativity, and is considered to bring good luck!


This set contains our Daily Jade Facial Roller and the Gua Sha Jade Tool made with 100% Jade for those of you who are totally princess. It promotes blood circulation, diminishes swelling, and helps your skincare products penetrate deeper.


The jade roller is multifunctional. It helps alleviate many different diseases in your body. It fights acne, headaches, stress, fatigue, and wrinkles. It also increases blood circulation through the skin as we said before. The Jade Roller also consists of a smaller part in order to massage the more difficult parts of the body, such as under-eye spots. The jade natural stone is an old Chinese product that has been used for medicines and skincare for hundreds of years.


Eastern Botox or the Gua Sha Jade Tool for the face. This latest version is intended to be used on top of your usual moisturizing routine to help increase the benefits of the products. It perfectly stimulates the skin and helps you achieve the vibrant results you are looking for.


Lavish your skin and smooth it with these tools as they work to flush lymphatic drainage and increase circulation, while the Jade works to calm your mind, perfect for royalty.


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