The Rose Quartz Facial Roller and The Rose Multi-Use Oil a true combination of love. One cannot treat her body with more love than when these essential things are combined. The Rose Quartz carries love and inner peace within it. This is how we know it. In combination with The Rose Multi-Use Oil it works perfectly to improve the function of the roller and the absorption of the oil by the skin to strengthen. The Rose Multi-Use Oil is packed with vitamin A and fatty acids to create flexible skin and revitalized skin. It really helps you reduce puffiness and strengthens the blood circulation in your body, while also strengthening the function of the lymphatic systems. This Rose Quarts body treatment is good to do on clean skin, while combining it with 2 to 3 drops of your Rose Multi-Use Oil. This treatment helps to relieve your stress, helps to keep your blood pressure intact and therefore gives you a healthy one. If you have sensitive skin this will certainly have a calming effect. This also has its own function and helps to detoxify your body while it soothes and calms. Another advantage of this beautiful stone is the reduction of inflammation and is suitable for irritated and red skin, while you get a beautiful skin. It helps you to relax more while removing all the stress from your face. Other benefits include a glow on your skin, refreshing, rejuvenating and brightening your skin. The pink color of the Rose Quartz says it all. It is a powerful stone that encourages universal love. It refers to the purification and openness of the hearth and helps people to be compassionate towards others and themselves. This stone works not only outwardly on the surface of your skin, but also inwardly on your inner side. Embellishment in and out.


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1. Your Benefits

The pink color of the Rose Quarts says it all. It is said to be a powerful stone that encourages universal love. It refers to the purification and the openness of the hearth and helps people to be compassionate towards others and yourself. On the other side, it relieves stress, helps with blood pressure, and has the ability to help maintain a healthy heart. It also has the peculiarity to increase the circulation of blood in your skin which on the other hand boosts the production of collagen. It calms sensitive skin and stimulates the reclamation of the lymphatic. Also this has its own function and helps to detox your body while calming and soothing it. Another benefit of this beautiful stone in the reduction of inflammation while giving you brilliant skin. It helps you to become more relax while taking away all the stress on your face. Other benefits are luminous glow on your skin, refreshment and rejuvenated skin, and brightening.

2. Ingredients

100% Semi-Precious Stone

3. How to use

Use the Rose Quartz Facial Roller on clean, moisturized skin and pair with the Rose Oil. Use the dropper from the Rose Oil and apply 2-3 drops on the face. Then roll the facial roller in long strokes on the face. The smaller roller is ideal for using on the more delicate areas of the face and the larger roller for the greater areas of the face and neck.
PRO TIP: Use the Daily Well-Being Ritual Rose Quartz Facial Roller + Rose Oil twice a day for faster results

4. How do you take care of me?

After use, clean excess oil off from the Daily Rose Quartz Facial Roller. Seal the Rose Oil firmly. Store in a well ventilated area.

5. Delivery

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6. Notes

WATCH OUT! All our Facial Rollers are unique. The natural stone may cause the color to differ from the image.

7. Features

• Drains Lymphatic System
• Reduces Puffiness
• Increases Circulation
• Moisturizing
• Anti-Aging and Anti-Inflammatory
• 100% Semi-Precious Stone
• Authentic Rose Quartz