CBD Sheet Mask


What's beauty without supple skin? Soft to touch, tender, and right views for the eyes. You look beautiful, healthy, and sexy when you take good care of your skin.


Dry skin could be so disturbing, and it brings no comfort to the soul. No one will like to see their skin looking so dull while their friends are enjoying glowing skin.


Put an end to dry skin by getting yourself the two-piece CBD sheet mask. The two-piece sheet mask is made from a biodegradable, breathable fabric. It will give your skin a firmer, smoother, and younger look.


The two-piece sheet mask is infused in botanical extracts that will leave your skin calmer and more supple than you found it. Complete your skincare kits with this fantastic product that will nurture your skin softly. It also restores your skin beauty, saving you from dry skin.


The two-piece sheet mask is made with CBD, Superfruit blend, and Caffeine. The combination of these ingredients works together to provide you with calmer skin. Superfruit makes your skin healthy and keeps it alive.


The presence of caffeine in the two-piece sheet mask is to help reduce inflammation. Caffeine reduces wrinkles, softly takes away dry cells from the skin. It also reduces puffiness and makes your skin firmer and brighter.


The two-piece sheet mask is easy to use; all you need to do is ensure that your body is properly clean. Then gently unfold the two-piece mask sheet and apply it to your skin. Relax and allow it to stay on your skin for twenty minutes (20), then remove the mask and massage the remaining serum into the face and neck.


The two-piece sheet mask is active and rich enough to give your skin the best beauty of your life. Order for one today and experience supple skin.



1. Your Benefits

• Douses skin in a nurturing serum.
• Soothes dry skin.
• Great for intentional, self-care moments.

2. Ingredients

• Superfruit Blend
• Caffeine

3. How to use

Gently unfold two-piece mask and apply on clean skin. Leave on for 20ish minutes. Remove mask and massage remaining serum into face and neck.

4. How do you take care of me?

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6. Notes