Facial Scrubber


It’s time to innovate your grooming rituals!


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We let ourselves be guided by passionate developers who know what they are talking about when it comes to body care. With this facial scrubber, your daily routine becomes a pleasant activity.


While furnishing your skin clean this new Face Scrubber gently scrubs away dirt and filth. It contains a BPA-free antimicrobial material which improves the appearance of your skin, leaving it looking healthier and smoother. This can easily be combined with the daily cleansers you already use for your face.


When using this dual-sided scrubber, use a removable towel-like cloth additionally, for an absolute daily cleansing of the face and neck. You can use your face scrubber twice daily. Most recommended is early in the morning and in the evening. It is gentle enough on sensitive skin and you need half lesser of your cleanser when using this facial scrubber.


The scrubber causes the cleanser to get foamy, so you only need to use a pea-size drop or less. For clearer skin, and less frequent breakouts. It eliminates impurities and dead cells for cleaner and healthier skin. The flexible bristles help gently buff away dead skin cells and irregularities to reveal a brighter, smoother complexion.


Your facial scrubber comes with a little ring on the back, making it so easy to slip onto the finger. When it’s not in use it can be hung up on with the loop attached to the scrubber. Simple and perfect


1 piece

1. Your Benefits

Eliminates skin impurities
Remove dead face and neck cells
For a cleaner and healthier skin
Clinically tested
For daily use

2. Ingredients

Fabric Cotton, Polyester, Nylon & Polyurethane filling.

3. How to use

Wet skin and scrubber and apply your favorite cleanser to scrubber. Massage and exfoliate face and neck in circular motions.

4. How do you take care of me?

Rinse and squeeze well after each use. Replace every 60 days.

5. Delivery

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6. Notes

The colors, sizes and shapes of this product may vary and are subject to availability.