Back Mesh Sponge Scrubber


Clean and polish your skin deeply with Back Mesh Sponge Scrubber that helps you reach the hard-to-reach areas of your body. This is a large shower sponge that washes your entire back without any trouble at all. The straps are elastic so it stretches for people with big backs or short arms. This is the ultimate shower sponge that meets all your needs!


The handle of the sponge is curved, solid, and has a rubbery grip, therefore facilitating access to hard-to-reach areas of your body. The rubber grip on the handle keeps it from sliding, thus giving you the optimum scrubbing experience!


The sponge has a soft texture and removes dead skin cells from your body. It provides an adequate cleaning action, making your body clean and fresh! The high quality loofahs and sturdy construction on the back scrubber is the perfect length for a tall person. The angle is perfect for reaching the back and the scrubbing pad is soft and pliable. It is also suitable for people with limited mobility or ability to bend / twist.


The brush quality is topnotch and expands to give easy access to difficult to reach places. Your Back Mesh Sponge Scrubber has an excellent handle which is slightly curved with a rubber grip sturdy wood. It is a great long handled sponge that touches every part of your back.


Your Back Mesh Sponge Scrubber fits perfectly in the gym bag and can be used daily to scrub your back. The sponge is not too stiff or hard on your skin and the angle is perfect for reaching your back. It makes back scrubbing and the rest of your skin area feel great and refreshed. It also allows for a good lather and it’s not abrasive on your skin.


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1. Your Benefits

Remove dead skin cells
Facilitates access to hard-to-reach areas

2. Ingredients

3. How to use

Use the bath tassel with the bath, soap or scrub gel of your choice.
For best results we recommend that you massage the area to be carved, rinsed and left to dry. We recommend that you replace your tassel every 60 days.

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