Daily Dual Texture Scrubber


You would bet it is for babies! It is that soft.


The Daily Dual Texture scrubber is a two-sided scrubber! You can have it either rough or gentle. You can do your rituals with either the softer side with a gentle cleansing experience or use the texturized side, enjoying a milder exfoliation.


Let's go for soft, smooth, and exfoliated. This mild scrubber is perfect for scrubbing your entire body in the shower or bath.


This Daily Dual Texture scrubber doesn’t just have a round shape. It is to accommodate more sections of your body in lesser time. The dual structure is splendiferous for all skin types and for your body as a whole. It is great for those who have delicate skin, but also for exfoliation. Your Dual Texture Scrubber is a good companion in the shower as well, especially if you want to enjoy a relaxing shower, while the fabrics are doing their job of keeping you clean.


Be assured that the sides don’t matter for you. As long as it ensures that you are endowed with the heavy concentration of soy in the core of the sponge that generates a rich lather together with your favorite cleanser.


It doesn't matter how you want to enjoy it. This bath scrubber is multifunctional for your daily skincare routine! There are two sides with different structures. It consists of soft cotton for the delicate parts and a condensed part for exfoliating to meet the needs of the different body sections.


The Daily Dual Texture scrubber has also different ways of storing it. It has reusable packaging with suction cup that transforms into a shower caddy to conveniently hang the Daily Dual Texture Scrubber in your bathroom, but also has a loop to hang it on any hook. Daily Dual Texture scrubber has also got a label that fades to indicate when it is time to look for a Your Body Scrubber.


1 piece

1. Your Benefits

Round shape to cover more parts of your body in less time. Dual texture, perfect for all skin types and your whole body.

2. Ingredients

Fabric: Organic Cotton, Polyamide, Polyester
Filling: Soy based sponge

3. How to use

Wet body and wet scrubber. Apply your favorite cleanser or body wash. Exfoliate and cleanse in circular motions, focusing on scrubbing the full body. Rinse your scrubber well and squeeze excess water before replace in reusable packaging, which is complete with a suction cup that allows it to hang and holes in the bottom so the scrubber may drain.

4. How do you take care of me?

Replace your Daily Dual Texture Scrubber when writing on label fades! Usually approximately after 90days of use. PRO TIP: Between uses ensure to rinse all excess soap and squeeze water out before replacing in its reusable shower caddy in order to maintain the integrity of your Daily Dual Texture Scrubber..

5. Delivery

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6. Notes

In case of irritation: stop using and consult a doctor. Do not use this product on irritated, damaged or burnt skin. The colors, sizes and shapes of this product may vary and are subject to availability.