Multifunctional Soap Sponge Charcoal




Because we think your shower time is immensely important, our professionals have created this Multi-Functional Charcoal Soap Sponge with a two-fold action. Why it is the ultimate bath and shower essential that soothes your daily bathing rituals.


The sponge is saturated with a charcoal soap and therefore purifies the skin with a mild texture while providing for deep cleans. The soap sponge is a bar of soap that includes the sponge inside.


The Multifunctional Soap Sponge Charcoal has a mild touch with a multifunctional effect. It is a sponge with detoxifying charcoal soap to detoxify the skin of impurities and improve the overall texture of the skin.


It is a sponge, scrub & soap, all-in-one: Detoxifying, exfoliating, deep cleansing. It is all the skin needs. The innovative and multifunctional design, in which the sponge is soaked with the soap, creates a soapy and exfoliating experience.


It leaves no irritation nor flushing after use leaves the skin glowy, smooth, even-colored, clear of blackheads, and flaky-free.


The Konjac sponge is highly absorbent (both water and oil) and is perfect for thorough cleansing. It breaks down dirt and balances pH levels. The best way to use the soap sponge is to make it wet so it will foam. The more you use your soap sponge, the softer it becomes. Then wring it out well after use and shake off any excess water.


1 piece

1. Your Benefits

Mild texture multifunctional soap, sponge with infused with detoxifying charcoal soap to purge skin of impurities and elevate the overall texture of skin.

2. Ingredients

Deionized Water (Aqua), propylene, Glycol, Sorbitol, Glycerin, Sodium Palmitate Fatty Acids, Charcoal Activated Pure, Essentials Oils, Sodium Lauryl Ether Sulfate, Citrus Extracts Bactericide Antimicrobial Agent, Bht (Butyl Hidroxy Toluene), Polyurethane, Fragrance.

3. How to use

Once in the shower or bath wet the Multi Functional Soap Sponge and the soap should begin to lather onto your skin. Cleanse and exfoliate in circular motions, focusing on cleansing the full body or face. After use, rinse and reuse during the next cleansing routine.

4. How do you take care of me?

Store your Multi Functional Soap Sponge Charcoal on a soap dish to protect from residue that could tamper the integrity of the product if stored incorrectly.

5. Delivery

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6. Notes

In case of irritation: stop using and consult a doctor. Do not use this product on irritated, damaged or burnt skin. The colors, sizes and shapes of this product may vary and are subject to availability.