Daily Detox Brush




Even your dry brushing routine can get to another level thanks to this perfect Daily Detox Brush tool! They can be used as a pre-shower throughout your bath ritual and is a perfect tool.


Daily Concepts are consequently working to guarantee shower and bathing experiences are elevated. So the Daily Detox Massage Brush was purposely made to be used before your showering. To help with blood circulation, the Daily Detox Massage Brush is made dry with massaging nodules.


 With bristles with a natural base that are made of FSC beechwood, this brush has got its finishing touch. It is responsibly put in there with the massaging rubber nodules. Together with the vigorous texture, it will remove dead skin cells. The blood flow and circulation increase while stimulated by the nodules.


Daily Detox Brush is an ideal tool with which you can do Dry Brushing and Skin Detox. It ensures radiant looking skin while eliminating dead skin layers from the top of your skin. It visibly improves the appearance of the skin as a whole. Really the perfect way to break up the cellulite that is expelled while removing old dry skin. As a result, this detox of the skin will make you feel glowy and baby soft ultimately!


This product will leave your skin feeling amazing, and it can be used both on dry and wet skin. You simply scrub your skin with this brush in circular motions to exfoliate, detox, as well as improve blood flow and circulation. Over time it can improve cellulite deposits by breaking them up leaving your skin feeling smooth and soft. The strap that is attached to it makes it easy to hold. The handle helps you easily slide in your hand causing you to be able to control the action and massage properly.


The Daily Detox Brush is clinical, allergy and dermatologist tested.


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1. Your Benefits

Complete with responsibly sourced natural bristles and massaging rubber nodules this brush combines the vigorous texture to remove dead skin cells with the stimulation of the nodules to increase blood flow and circulation. Ultimately this is our go to for breaking up cellulite deposits, removing old dry skin and leaving us feeling glowy and baby soft! Use DRY as a pre-shower or bath ritual. Handle to slide hand in, perfect for control and massaging Ideal for either a dry or wet exfoliation Detoxifying nodules and bristle help to achieve radiant skin Clinically, allergy and dermatologist tested. ✔ Removes dirt, dead skin cells and excess sebum ✔Stimulating blood circulation ✔Troke natural shiny skin ✔Seenes the skin ✔ Reduces or prevents cellulite ✔Our skin turns evener brown ✔Helps to prevent pimples and impurities ✔Many less suffer from ingrown hairs ✔See ensures better intake of care products

2. Ingredients

100% Natural Bristles, beechwood

3. How to use

This brush is intender for dry brushing and massaging skin. Use as a pre shower or bath ritual on dry skin with the brush completely dry (please note if you get this brush wet it will compromise the integrity of the wood, bristles and effectiveness of the dry brushing). Sweep the brush over skin in long stroking motions or in circular motions on the stomach. Pro tip! Be sure to follow up your dry brushing, shower or bath rituals with a moisture rich lotion or oil to restore skin and replenish any of the natural oils you may have sloughed off in the process!.

4. How do you take care of me?

We recommend replacing your Detox Brush two times a year minimum. Just like the seasons your skin is constantly being renewed and to accommodate this and to stay hygienic replacing your Detox Brush every 4-6 months is recommended!.

5. Features

This Dry Brushing body brush with high-quality natural hair sits comfortably in the hand. The brush is wet to clean, exfoliate and massage the skin in the shower or bath. The brush is also ideal for dry use to stimulate blood circulation and thus reduce cellulite. A scientific study by dermatologists showed that after 3 weeks time there was already an average decrease in cellulite of 30%. An incidental effect of Dry brushing is that your skin becomes more evenly browned by removing accumulations of dead skin cells.p>

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6. Notes

Dry brushing is not suitable in the following cases: -Skin with acne -Skin with eczema -Very dry or damaged skin -In the case of varicose veins -Inflamed skin -Skin with psoriasis.