Magic Make Up Remover (Pink)


This is a must have! This reusable Magic Make up Remover is the perfect way to remove all types of make-up. An ultra-soft woven polyester-blend cloth free of chemicals and will last up to - 1000 washes.


This super soft microfiber blended cloth removes even the hardest make up from your skin, leaving it soft and fresh and without leaving any residue. Removing even the most stubborn mascara! These makeup remover cloths can be used all the time, it is soft on the skin and doesn’t damage the skin.


Save in makeup removal disposable towelettes and see for yourself why you can use this magic cloth by adding just water. If you are using makeup wipes or micellar water this is going to work even better at removing your makeup. The amazing thing about it is that you can reuse it. It is totally Reusable! By that you save a lot of money, and is has less impact on the environment.


This is the perfect solution for anyone with sensitive skin or people who can’t use cleansing products as it’s too tough on their skin! So it is for all skin types. It helps preventing breakout after wearing a lot of makeup. When using this Magic Make up Remover, the only additive you need with this is Water. All you have to do is wet your magic cloth with warm water, before each use and remove all the make up with it. You just have to start removing all your make up from the different areas of your face and skin, leaving your skin looking and feeling clean and soft at the same time. You can repeat any time you need it!


After each use you can throw it into the washing machine and you will have a new magic cloth that can be reused up yo 1000 times. Machine wash your magic cloth before first use so it can work properly. Throw in the washing machine as soon as needed and in each use you will be happy to have brought this great magic tool to your daily routine.

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1. Your Benefits

Ideal for all skin types
Extra soft towel
Remove even the strongest makeup to remove
Leaves your skin fresh and smooth
Save on cleansing wipes!

2. Ingredients

100% Polyester

3. How to use

Wash the amazing towel in your washing machine before the first use so that it works perfectly. Afterwards, simply soak it with warm water and squeeze.
Begin to remove makeup from your face or the area you want. See how your skin looks clean and fresh. Repeat as many times as necessary. After using it again wash your towel in the washing machine.

4. How do you take care of me?

Between washes, the cloth is easy to clean with a little hot soap and water under the tap. Chemical cleaning products in plastic bottles are no longer necessary, making this product not only better for the environment but also much more economical.

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6. Notes

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