Magic Make Up Remover (Black)


Removing your makeup is not always a nice job, but it has to be done anyway. If you want to prevent clogged pores it is advisable to clean your face before bedtime every time you put on makeup.


Make-up remover is used daily, just like make-up. Make-up is beautiful, but to keep the skin radiant and healthy, we have to remove the make-up before we go to sleep.


The AfterSpa Magic makeup remover is fine and easy to remove with just a cloth and water. The makeup removers are available in different colors and sizes, choose the remover you like.

The Makeup Remover Cloth is a cloth that you can reuse to remove your makeup. This cloth is super soft on the skin and removes makeup thoroughly. The cloth is 100% animal proof and vegan. The cloth can be washed in the washing machine and is therefore reusable.

The Magic makeup remover is a cloth made of a mircrofiber blend. It removes even the most stubborn makeup. Just like the Makeup Eraser, the Magic makeup remover has two sides with two different textures. The front is for removing your makeup and the back of the Magic makeup remover is slightly exfoliating. The structure of the fabric is quite similar to that of the Makeup Eraser. The Magic makeup remover is also slightly exfoliating at the back. The cloth is really extremely soft and helps to keep your face soft and fresh.

Use the cloth with warm water and remove all make-up from the face. It is very important that your cloth is clean before you make use of it.


1 piece

1. Your Benefits

Ideal for all skin types
Extra soft towel
Remove even the strongest makeup to remove
Leaves your skin fresh and smooth
Save on cleansing wipes!

2. Ingredients

100% Polyester

3. How to use

Wash the amazing towel in your washing machine before the first use so that it works perfectly. Afterwards, simply soak it with warm water and squeeze.
Begin to remove makeup from your face or the area you want. See how your skin looks clean and fresh. Repeat as many times as necessary. After using it again wash your towel in the washing machine.

4. How do you take care of me?

Between washes, the cloth is easy to clean with a little hot soap and water under the tap. Chemical cleaning products in plastic bottles are no longer necessary, making this product not only better for the environment but also much more economical.

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6. Notes

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