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You may think that because the Jade Roller is cut from 100% natural stone with an unusual color that its quality is less than other stones. Because of the material, it has another color different than what you would expect. It also differs from what is on the package. Jade rollers are made with different jade stones as well. But the stone doesn’t really matter. The effect occurs in the technique you use to do your massaging and the consistency you do it with.


The jade roller is multi-functional. It helps relieve many different diseases in your body. It fights acne, headache, stress, fatigue, and wrinkle. It increases also the circulation of the blood through the skin. The Jade Roller consists of a smaller part as well, for it to be able to massage the more difficult parts of the body such as under-eye spots. The jade natural stone is an ancient Chinese product that has been used for hundreds of years for medicine and skincare.


Though the shape of the stone is manually created, the stone has the capacity to produce great results. The stone has a different color from the fact that it is made by hand.


Jade rolling can reduce puffiness temporarily by increasing lymphatic drainage. The stones can differ in the degree of penetration of the product in a deeper manner.


Stagnation of the lymphatic system can cause inflammation and puffiness. But the Daily Concepts Daily Jade Facial Roller is the perfect tool to help reduce the facial deficit. Other benefits the body can have from it are brightening complexions and tightening of the pores. It helps to decrease the appearance of fine lines and makes sure the blood circulates better. Together with this jade roller to help you can use your favorite serum or oil which will increase absorption of the product, or reduce any swelling.


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1. Your Benefits

By combining ancient Chinese traditions with modern techniques, the Jade Roller from Daily Concepts creates a more beautiful and radiant skin. With a massage roller you stimulate both blood circulation and lymphatic drainage. In combination with the natural vitamin C serum and the Gua Sha scraper, jade rollers can help against dark circles and fluid accumulations around your eyes. The cooling facial massage also improves the elasticity of your skin and can help to reduce fine wrinkles.

2. Ingredients

Natural Jade stone.

3. How to use

After cleansing, apply 5-10 drops of your favorite facial serum to the face and gently massage into the skin with circular motions. Cheeks, jawline and forehead Use the large roller, start from the middle of the face and roll slowly and carefully outwards and upwards over the skin. Chin and neck Use the large roller, start under the chin and then roll slowly and carefully outwards along the neck towards the collarbone. Eyes Use the small roller, start from the inner corner of the eyes and gently roll outwards on both the eyelids and under the eyes. After use Gently wipe the roller with a soft, damp cloth and let it dry to air before you put it away. You can also clean with an antibacterial gel if you wish. Tip Use the jade roller for 5 to 10 minutes per session, 3 times a week. Store the roller in the fridge or freezer for a refreshing effect for best results.

4. How do you take care of me?

Gently wipe the roller with a soft, damp cloth and let it dry to air before you put it away. You can also clean with an antibacterial gel if you wish.

5. Features

Perfect for massaging and revitalizing the skin Helps against the appearance of aging Ideal for against eyes and dark circles Double-sided 100% pure Jade Roller Multifunctional Gua Sha Vitamin C serum against ageing.

5. Delivery

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6. Notes

WATCH OUT! All our Facial Rollers are unique. The natural stone may cause the color to differ from the image.