Daily Obsidian Facial Roller


Classy Obsidian


Protection from negativity, doesn't that sound interesting? Who would want to be? This Obsidian is known as a protective stone that does it all. One of its ingredients is the volcanic molten lava that has a very quick way of cooling down.


Authentic Obsidian has all the good functions. It is perfect to help increasing circulation and for the reduction of puffiness. This roller has two heads which makes it excellent to be used for different purposes. It is clinically, allergy and dermatologist tested like many of our products do. Be assured, it is not tested on animals and its vegan.


We went the extra mile for you and naturally extend our love to create and offer you an assortment of products like the Daily Obsidian Facial Roller that help us take care of our skin!


You will have a pleasurable time with your Daily Obsidian Facial Roller treatment which soothes and relaxes and makes sure the puffiness in the face, under the eye fades away, your lymphatic system goes through a flushing process, and also increase circulation that helps in its turn with cell turnover. The benefits of rolling our faces are enormous and proven!


Not only for the body Obsidian is found to be of great help, but also known as spiritual and energetic protection, as relaxes and is responsible to set you free from negative energy from your aura. Not only that but also from mental stress, tension, and psychic attacks.


A cornerstone in ancient beauty regimes! This tool is used for contouring and to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. The cooling effect of the Daily Concepts Obsidian Crystal Facial Roller helps to give you tight skin and to get good absorption of your product in the skin. The larger side of the tool is good for the cheeks, forehead, and neck; the smaller side can be used for the eye area and temples. Obsidian Crystal has been symbolizing purification and tranquility for a very long time.


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1. Your Benefits

Authentic Obsidian Perfect for increasing circulation and reducing puffiness Dual headed roller for multipurpose Clinically, allergy and dermatologist tested. Not tested on animals and vegan.

2. Ingredients

Obsidian, Metal.

3. How to use

After cleansing, apply 5-10 drops of your favorite facial serum to the face and gently massage into the skin with circular motions. Cheeks, jawline and forehead Use the large roller, start from the middle of the face and roll slowly and carefully outwards and upwards over the skin. Chin and neck Use the large roller, start under the chin and then roll slowly and carefully outwards along the neck towards the collarbone. Eyes Use the small roller, start from the inner corner of the eyes and gently roll outwards on both the eyelids and under the eyes. Tip Use the jade roller for 5 to 10 minutes per session, 3 times a week. Store the roller in the fridge or freezer for a refreshing effect for best results.

4. How do you take care of me?

After use: Clean the Gua Sha after each use with a soft cloth soaked in water and detergent. Let it dry on its own before you put it away. Extra tip Place the Gua Sha in the fridge for a few minutes before using it for a fresh and cooling effect. For best results, use the Gua Sha 3 times a week for 10 minutes.

5. Features

Black Obsidian is a protective stone known for its soothing and positive properties. The stone repsent negative energy and strengthens and rejuvenates your inner and outer well-being. Classy Obsidian gives your skin a quick, intense workout that lets you shine. Regular facial workouts with our Classy Obsidian can help contour the face, smooth the complexion, and it creates firmer skin. Nice bonus: a gentle facial massage can help headaches disappear like snow in the sun.

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7. Notes

WATCH OUT! All our Gua Sha Scrapers are unique. The natural stone may cause the color to differ from the image.