Daily Rose Quartz Facial Roller


Luxurious Quartz


Rose quartz, a luxury facial care workout from ancient times!


In ancient times it’s called the “love stone” probably because of its soft pink color, symbolizing the blush of first love. This Rose quartz has the character to bring people together, others believe. It must be stimulating and strengthening bonds between people who love each other. Whether it is the families or people in love.


The pink color of the Rose Quarts says it all. It is said to be a powerful stone that encourages universal love. It refers to the purification and the openness of the hearth and helps people to be compassionate towards others and yourself.


On the other side, it relieves stress, helps with blood pressure, and has the ability to help maintain a healthy heart. It also has the peculiarity to increase the circulation of blood in your skin which on the other hand boosts the production of collagen. It calms sensitive skin and stimulates the reclamation of the lymphatic. Also this has its own function and helps to detox your body while calming and soothing it.


Another benefit of this beautiful stone in the reduction of inflammation while giving you brilliant skin. It helps you to become more relax while taking away all the stress on your face. Other benefits are luminous glow on your skin, refreshment and rejuvenated skin, and brightening. 


When using the Rose Quartz face mask it is recommended to combine it with our Rose Quartz Gemstone Roller for a perfect finish. With this stone, your fine lines will fade away. The cool touch reduces puffiness. It can suit irritated and red skin.


This stone is not only working outwardly on the surface of the skin but also inwardly in your inner being. Beautifying you in and out.


Give your skin a mini vacation with this Rose Quartz Gemstone Rolle!


1 piece

1. Your Benefits

Authentic Rose Quartz Perfect for increasing circulation and reducing puffiness Dual headed roller for multipurpose Clinically, allergy and dermatologist tested. Not tested on animals and vegan

2. Ingredients

Rose Quartz, Metal

3. How to use

After cleansing, apply 5-10 drops of your favorite facial serum to the face and gently massage into the skin with circular motions. Cheeks, jawline and forehead Use the large roller, start from the middle of the face and roll slowly and carefully outwards and upwards over the skin. Chin and neck Use the large roller, start under the chin and then roll slowly and carefully outwards along the neck towards the collarbone. Eyes Use the small roller, start from the inner corner of the eyes and gently roll outwards on both the eyelids and under the eyes. After use Gently wipe the roller with a soft, damp cloth and let it dry to air before you put it away. You can also clean with an antibacterial gel if you wish. Tip Use the jade roller for 5 to 10 minutes per session, 3 times a week. Store the roller in the fridge or freezer for a refreshing effect for best results.

4. How do you take care of me?

Wipe your Daily Obsidian Facial Roller with a damp cloth, dry and store PRO TIP: Pop your Daily Obsidian Facial Roller in the freezer and use under the eye and all of the face for an increased depuffing effect.

5. Features

Your Daily Rose Quartz Facial Roller helps to reduce puffiness in the face, under the eye, flush out your lymphatic system and also increase circulation helping with cell turnover..

6. Delivery

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7. Notes

WATCH OUT! All our Facial Rollers are unique. The natural stone may cause the color to differ from the image.