Daily Scrunchies


Avoid delays in the through and through of your beauty routines! 


Tie the Daily Scrunchies to keep your hair back when you need it! The Daily Scrunchies are soft hair straps that can absorb moisture. The scrunchies are really different from traditional hairbands. Preventing the hair from pulling is now a thing of the past.


It's not easy if you want to stay healthy and exercise more often, but you've also learned that daily washing your hair can be harmful and can cause your hair to dry out. But exercising without washing your hair every day is possible.

You don't have to stop exercising because you don't want greasy hair. Make sure you keep moving!


It is still annoying, after your gymnastics, to have to wash your hair over and over again if you already did that last night.


One of the handy things you can do is put the Daily Scrunchies in your hair while exercising. But besides that, a headband can be a good addition to cover the hairline as well is also useful to protect the fine hairs. It has an absorbent effect. It absorbs your sweat during exercise so that the sweat droplets, filled with salt and waste products, don't run over your face or the rest of your hair.

The Daily Scrunchies are made of organic cotton, they don't cause lines in the hair, pull the hairless, are organic and vegan, and have never been tested on animals.
Use The Daily Scrunchies to secure hair and tie it around your hair to hold it back. Pull your hair back and tie the scrunchie to make it as tight as you think it should be.


2 piece

1. Your Benefits

Organic Cotton No lines left in hair Less hair pulling Organic, vegan Never tested on animal

2. Ingredients

100% Organic cotton.

3. How to use

Use The Daily Scrunchies to secure hair and tie it on your hair to hold it back. Pull back your hair and loop the scrunchie on it to tie it as tight as you need.

4. How do you take care of me?

After each use, store away in an organized area until next use. PRO TIP: Use during your beauty routines, workouts and/or any other activities.

5. Features

Soft fabric which does not break the hair and causes split hair points. A soft beige colour that is suitable for any out .

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7. Notes

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