Dr PawPaw Scrub & Nourish 16G


This lip balm hits two birds with one stone, it is a 2-in-1 lip scrub and balm.


It is a unique combination of stuff put together for your nourishment. It is inspired by Korean beauty technology. But Dr. Paw paw has created their very own unique and demonstrative duo pot with a Lip Scrub in the top pot and the award-winning original balm in the bottom pot. This petite pot is good for super soft lips on the go! There is no need to leave it out of your handbag anymore.

It is a complex of 3 amazing ingredients: pawpaw to nourish, olive oil to hydrate & Aloe Vera to soothe. It is 100% natural, vegan-friendly, cruelty-free & Gluten-Free blended with mango & Coconut signature flavor. This treatment can be used overnight for the best results.

It is not only useful for your lips to super-smooth, but even your hands, heels, or elbows can also be treated to exfoliate away stubborn dry skin for super-soft results! Dr. Paw paw is suitable for use on skin as a whole and hair as well, this is an all-in-one nourishing balm for all your beauty dilemmas.

It is a real solution for those who constantly suffer from dry and flaking lips. This little pot will save your lips. If you could not wear any lipstick I believe Paw Paw has created you the possibility to do it without having your lips dry out. And I can finally wear lipstick again. The scrub is absolutely fine. The balm will feel like heaven on your lips, no stickiness or weird taste, and lasts well. It works miraculously well that you won't have the urge to apply it every hour. Plump and smooth lips will be the result.

Vegan innovation is Award-winning. Scrub and nourish is multipurpose at its finest



1. Your Benefits

Removes dry skin
Flakey dry patches

Removes dead skin

2. Ingredients

Our incredible range of plant-based ingredients make Dr.PAWPAW what it is today.
PAWPAW FRUIT – Pawpaw Fruit is nourishing on both skin and hair with long lasting results.
ALOE VERA – Aloe Vera soothes sore sensitive skin and helps to repair hair.
OLIVE OIL – Olive Oil deeply moisturises stubborn dry cracked skin.

3. How to use

Top pot – scrub in circular motions to remove dry skin. Wipe or lick away. Bottom pot – smother balm onto prepared area.

4. How do you take care of me?

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