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Jade Facial Roller


The jade facial roller is a tool that has been a comerstone in ancient beauty regimens for its incredible ability to reduce fine lines and wrinkles while toning and countouring. The cooling effect of the jade facial roller will also reduce puffines and tighten pores. Jade is also known for its healing properties and has been long time symbol of purrification and tranquility.
Color may very as jade is a naturally occurring element.
A slight squeking can occur with the friction of the stone on metal, this is normal and often minimal.

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How to use:

Gently roll your jade facial roller beauty tool over fresly cleansed skin 2-4 times daily for 5-10 minutes. Can be used on clean skin or over serum. Using over a serum or oil will help the product penetrate more deeply into the skin due to increased blood flow.


100% Xiuyan Jade stone.
Jade is known to help relax the nervous system and eliminates toxins from the skin.
It is also believed to balance the body & mind connection and dispel bad energy.


Boosts blood circulation
Depuff and reduce dark circles
Lift and sculpt face and neck
Stimulate collagen production
Reduce fine lines
Improve skin tone and texture
Get that natural glow


The rolling motion, and the natural coldness of the stone, improves blood circulation which stimulates lymphatic drainage (the removal of toxins) and oxygen flow.
Rolling the eye-area depuffs the under-eye bags and reduces dark circles by stimulating lymphatic drainage. A life-save on those tough early mornings!
Rolling will stimulate collagen production by massaging the deeper layer of your skin and asking it to reorganize itself and produce new collagen. This will plump fine lines.
Use this roller as a work-out for your skin to lift and sculpt face and neck and improve the skin's elasticity.
Rolling will also make a difference to the texture, tone, and clarity of your complexion, leaving your skin with that desirable natural glow.
Use after your favorite serum, oil or moisturizer, as rolling will enhance the absorption of your product




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Color may very as jade is a naturally occurring element.