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Daily Bio-Cotton Make Up Removers



Are you tired of cotton pads with lesser quality as if it is that you are just donating your money to these shops?


This Daily Bio Cotton Makeup Removers we have are a mindful alternative. It contains a set of 2 smaller Eye Makeup Removers, 3 Facial Makeup Removers, and a Laundry Bag is included as well. They are very easy to use and you can just do it the way you want it. The only thing you have to add is warm water. There is no need to add cleansers to it. Even the toughest makeup will be removed.


Where would we be without makeup remover? When you just got home and ready to dive in for a good night's sleep, you already know your skin goes against falling asleep with your makeup on.


Daily Concepts Bio-Cotton Daily Makeup Reusable Remover Pads are naturally made and are the perfect solution for makeup removal! It includes a laundry bag for you to store them for the moment that you are ready to wash them clean. They are machine-washable and have to be frequently washed. The multiple pads and different sizes exactly what you need to do your facial and makeup removal. Worth mentioning is that they are reusable. This is a real solution!  With this Daily Bio Cotton Makeup Remover you can replace other disposable cotton pads. It is an alternative to makeup remover wipes and is also environmentally friendly. You really don't need to be walking u and throwing away waste anymore.


The circular-shaped pads or meant to be used around the eye area and the larger square-shaped pad can be used on the face, forehead, and chin!


1. Your Benefits

Natural and reusable makeup removal solution! Includes laundry bag along with multiple pads and sizes to fit your facial and makeup removal needs. Easy to use, only requires water, no cleanser needed. Cut down on your waste footprint with these reusable makeup removers which are a zero waste makeup towel removal alternative. Organic This product contains certified organic ingredients, which are provided with a * in the entire ingredient list. Vegan This product does not contain any animal ingredients or ingredients of animal origin.

2. Ingredients

Pads: Natural Cotton Laundry Bag: Ramie Contents: 6 Pieces.

3. How to use

Was for the first use. Use them any way you want, but here are some ideas: For a gentle face wash, immerse yourself in warm water and wipe away impurities with circular motions. Repeat until your skin feels clean and fresh. Combine with your cleanser for a more thorough cleaning and to remove makeup. Use it to apply your toner. Just put it on, and put it in your skin. Oh. And remember, don't throw it away after use, but wash & reuse. Here's how: Put the dirty pads in the wash bag, tie the bag tightly, put them in the washing machine and wash them at 40°C. You can also wash them by hand. It's up to you. To dry, leave them on a dry towel or a flat surface.

4. How do you take care of me?

Wash before use after intensive use, wash only at 30 degrees in attached wash bag.

5. Delivery

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6. Notes

Machine wash your Bio Make Up remover disc before first use so it functions properly. - After initial machine washing, your makeup remover is now ready to use. - Simply wet makeup remover pad with warm water - Begin removing makeup with soft side using downward wiping motions. - Repeat as necessary. - The Bio Make Up remover pad easily lifts and removes makeup from skin without the use of any soap or makeup removing solution. - Care for your Bio Makeup remover pad’s bij running them through washing machine using your included laundry safe bag.